The MiVaB has awarded 4 travel grants to PhD students for their presentations during the Joint Meeting of the German Geselleschaft für Mikrozirkulation un Vaskuläre Biologie, held in Mannheim Germany from the 27 till the 29 of September 2012.


The recipients are:

Bart Eskens
For his presentation:
Early impairment of skeletal muscle endothelial glycocalyx barrier properties in diet-induced obesity in mice


Rick Meijer
For his presentation:
Insulin does not redistribute microvascular blood volume from skeletal muscle to subcutaneous adipose tissue in obese women


Dennis Muris
For his presentation:
Microvascular Dysfunction  Increases the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. A meta-analysis


Zhichao Zhou
For his presentation:
Uridine Adenosine Tetraphosphate (Up4A)-Induced Coronary Vasodilation Is Blunted in Swine with Aortic Banding: a Role for Prostanoids?